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2.4 Million Jobs
$132 Billion Wages & Benefits
$409 Billion to the U.S. Economy

An economic powerhouse, the beer industry supports nearly 2.4 million jobs, providing more than $132 billion in wages and benefits, and contributing more than $409 billion to the U.S. economy. All of this while promoting responsible consumption, providing a moderate beverage with labeling that includes alcohol content and nutrition information that allows for complete transparency for consumers.

However, the beer industry faces opposition, including from the liquor industry, that imperils these benefits to Americans. Beer is different from liquor, and it should be taxed and treated differently. Scroll down to learn more about beer’s impact, and stand with the beer industry by becoming an advocate today!

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Economic Impact

America’s beer industry supports nearly 2.4 million jobs, provides more than $132 billion in wages and benefits, and contributes more than $409 billion to the U.S. economy.

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Moderate Consumption

Everyone knows that a vodka martini and a beer are not the same things, but do you know how much alcohol is actually poured into a hard liquor drink or a glass of wine compared to a can or pint of beer?

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Nutritional Transparency

Beer Institute members voluntarily provide consumers more information about their products than any other alcohol beverage category.

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Handouts to Liquor put Brewers at a Disadvantage

The beer industry is often not on the same playing field as the liquor industry, which receives many unfair kickbacks such as IRC 5010 and rum cover-over. If you haven’t heard of those, we broke it down for you below.

Rum Cover-Over

The U.S. government REFUNDS the tax revenue from rum produced in USVI and Puerto Rico. This has turned into a handout to large liquor companies.

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Tax Advantages for Hard Liquor

Federal and state governments have always supported a tax framework that distinguishes beer and liquor. The liquor lobby attempts to undermine these systems to line the pockets of multi-billion-dollar liquor companies.

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IRC 5010

Buried deep in the tax code is a rule that allows liquor producers to lower their effective tax rate by making liquor with wine and flavorings.

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