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Economic Impact

Beer has a greater economic impact than any other alcohol category

Our nation’s brewers, beer importers, and beer distributors are a cornerstone of the American economy, contributing 1.6% to the country’s gross domestic product each year.

2.4 Million Jobs
$132 Billion Wages & Benefits
$409 Billion to the U.S. Economy

Beer Serves Americans in Every State

Every state, congressional district, and state legislative district has jobs that depend on beer. America’s beer industry is responsible for about 1.6% of our nation’s gross domestic product. Beer’s production and distribution linkages impact firms in 96% of the U.S. economy.

Beer Is...

Agricultural Jobs:

More than 52,000 agricultural jobs depend on the American beer industry. Barley and hops are essential to brewing your favorite beer, but brewers also draw flavors from cranberries, herbs, honey, oysters, pumpkins, spruce tips, and other ingredients.

Manufacturing Jobs:

The U.S. beer industry supports more than 77,000 manufacturing jobs. These skilled hands help make products that are key to getting your favorite beer into your own hands — from cans and bottles to the cardboard that holds a 6-pack, to the pint glass you lift to toast a special occasion.

Brewer and Beer Importer Jobs:

More than 92,000 Americans work in our nation’s brewing industry. This includes America’s 6,600+ active brewers and beer importers (up from just 101 brewers in 1980), who provide consumers with more beer choices than ever in our nation’s history. Crafting beer involves men and women with lots of different backgrounds and skills – even microbiologists and chemists!

Distribution Jobs:

More than 137,000 Americans work for our nation’s beer distributors. Beer distributors have a wide variety of jobs, including the truck drivers you see delivering beer to bars, restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets as well as the men and women who manage their warehouses.

Retail Jobs in Bars, Restaurants, and Supermarkets:

More than 979,000 jobs in our nation’s retail sector depend on the U.S. beer industry. Your local bartender, the friendly waitress, and the helpful cashier are all supported by the $132 billion in wages generated by beer each year.

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