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The average alcohol content of beer is less than 5%, while liquor's is more than 36%

Similarly, the average ABV of familiar household beer brands typically falls in the 4-5 percent range, but many popular liquor-based canned cocktails have ABVs in the double digits, making them stronger than wine in many cases.

Americans Deserve to Know

For more than 200 years, U.S. policymakers have recognized the significant differences between beer and hard liquor and that laws and regulations governing the two products should differ.

Hard Liquor
Vs Beer

Everyone knows that a vodka martini and a beer are not the same things, but do you know how much alcohol is actually poured into a hard liquor drink or a glass of wine compared to a can or pint of beer?

About the same? A little more? A lot more? The answer depends on the drink and who is pouring or mixing it. Scientific research and the 2015-2020 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans tells us that no two hard liquor drinks are the same. In contrast, beer is served in standard containers (bottles, cans, pint glasses, etc.) so you always know exactly what you’re getting.

Low/No Alcohol Initiatives & Products

Low- and no-alcohol drinks have risen in popularity with consumers over the last few years and brewers have responded by rolling out more products for consumers that have the same great taste as your favorite beer but offer more options and flexibility for consumers looking to drink in moderation or enjoy non-alcohol drinks.

Responsibility Programs

Brewers are committed to promoting responsibility, by providing safe ride programs, developing educational initiatives targeted at reducing underage drinking, adhering to strict advertising and marketing codes and more. There is no other alcohol beverage maker as dedicated to promoting responsible consumption of their products.

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